Product Photography

Bath Bombs - Monday (7-13-15)-10.jpgCustom Order - Black Soap-3.JPGGift Box-2.JPGGift Box-3.JPGGreen Shower Steam-2.JPGLavender Bath Bombs on Dish-1.JPGMoisturizing Bath Bombs on Dish-1.JPGAmber.JPGCoconut Lime-1.JPGFoot Scrub Gift Set-4.JPGFoot Scrub Gift Set-7.JPGLove Spell-2.JPGMineral Spa.JPGMonkey Fart Bath Bombs-1.JPGSoap on White Washed Fence-2.JPGSoap on White Washed Fence-3.JPGStacked Soaps-1.JPGStacked Soaps-2.JPG
My wife, Tricia, has a custom “all nature” soap making business.  She has been making soap for over 11 years and has a home based business that is over 3 years old.  I first bought her a camera so that she could improve the images of her products that she sells on  Little did I know that a few years later I would buy my own camera and quickly exceed her photography interest/skills.  I now take all of the product images for her web-site and am interested in gaining more experience in this area.