American House (Elmwood) – Veterans

American House (Elmwood) Veterans-1.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-10.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-11.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-12.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-2.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-3.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-4.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-5.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-6.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-7.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-8.JPGAmerican House (Elmwood) Veterans-9.JPG
I had the honor of photographing the Veterans residing at American House (Elmwood) and providing framed prints for a Veterans Wall that they constructed to honor them.  Each Veteran was photographed with their respective service flag in the background.  I provided each Veteran their own 5×7 matted print for their room or relatives without charge.