Ann Arbor Botanical Garden-1.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-2.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-3.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-4.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-5.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-6.JPGAnn Arbor Botanical Garden-7.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-1.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-10.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-11.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-12.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-13.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-14.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-2.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-3.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-4.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-5.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-6.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-7.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-8.JPGAtlanta Botanical Garden-9.JPG
I started my photographic journey taking lots of floral pictures.  They only move when it is windy, so shooting them in aperture mode was easy.  This allowed me to work on depth of field and lighting without worrying about shutter speed initially.