Michigan Renaissance Festival

Rennaisance Festival - 2015-1-c45.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-6.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-8-c40.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-7.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-13.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-23.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-28.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-32.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-34.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-39.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-4.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-40.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-41.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-45.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-48.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-49.JPGRennaisance Festival - 2015-50.JPG
The Michigan Renaissance Festival occurs every year from late August through early October in the Grove of Holly, Michigan.  There are actors dressed in Medieval and Renaissance Costumes.  Many of the attendees dress to impress as well!  There are many vendors and acts throughout a large grove in the woods.  There is much jousting, and merry making!