Corvette C7 StingRay

Corvette Interior 2.JPGCorvette Interior.JPGCorvette - 2013 NAIS-1.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-11.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-8.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-9.jpgCar of the Year 2014.JPGCorvette - 2013 NAIS-2.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-3.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-5.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-6.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-7.jpgCorvette - 2013 NAIS-4.jpgCorvette C7R.JPGCorvette - 2013 NAIS-10.jpgCorvette Engines-3.JPGCorvette Engines-1.JPGCorvette Engines-2.JPGCorvette Emblem.JPG

The Corvette is an awesome car!  I owned a 1997 C5 Corvette from 1998 to 2005 (Not shown here).  The purchase was inspired by the Book “All Corvettes are Red”.  The C5 had a much longer development cycle than most cars during the turbulent 1990s and the development was almost cancelled numerous times.  The license plate for my car was “ITS RED” for obvious reasons.

The C6 & C7 platform followed as next generations (Pictures in my gallery).
The C7 Corvette was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan – January 2013.  The affordable super car! Won Car of the Year at the 2014 Auto Show.