2014 Photoshop in Atlanta, Georgia

I attended my first Photoshop Users Conference the 1st week of April, 2014.  This conference occurs every six months an alternates between east & west coast sites.  The conference is organized and executed by Scott Kelby & Company at KelbyOne.  I took the opportunity to also enjoy in a pre-conference photography class with Moose Peterson, acclaimed landscape, wildlife, and aviation photographer.  Moose arranged for us to visit the Commemorative Air Force, with a hangar in Peach City, Georgia, southwest from Atlanta.  The key points that Moose convey: It’s all about the light, work to make your photos speak with emotion, and have fun while you are doing it.  Moose is also big on “down beat yourself up!”.  Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how you learn.  So keep shooting, keep learning, and support one another!  I hope you enjoy these photos from the Commemorative Air Force shoot.

I took these cockpit photos with the grey sky as a background in hopes of conveying what the pilot might be feeling as he crawled into the cockpit for a mission, wondering whether he would return safely.

B&W Commemorative WWII Cockpit Color Commemorative WWII Cockpit

The two Japanese Zeros were actually American fighters that were modified for use in the Battle of Midway.  One was featured in many episodes of the Black Sheep television series.

Battle of MidwayUS Wing foreground - Japanese Zero background Japanese Zero (Modified USA Fighter) Flight Line



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